How to properly freeze bananas!

Have you ever tried freezing bananas with the peel on only to find that when you go searching through your freezing to find them that they are black and rock solid!? Or what about if you take the time to chop the banana into pieces and put then in little bags and STILL when you go to use them for a smoothie or dessert that they too have turned a dark brown colour! These are both things that I have done before so don’t worry it is not uncommon! I have played around with the ripeness to figure out just how to get that perfect banana that went into the fridge to come out looking the same way. It really is a SIMPLE solution!

All that you need to do differently is use use yellow bananas with just a few brown spots instead of overly or under ripe bananas!


  1. Take as many yellow bananas as you desire to freeze.
  2. Take off their peels and chop the bananas up into bite sized pieces.
  3. Put the pieces for each banana in separate bags and then lay bags flat in the freezer (to reduce clumping). I make sure that banana pieces in each bag are not on top of one another as they will freeze together and form a clump.
  4. Stack the bags of bananas on top of each other.

THERE YOU GO! 🙂 bananas that go into the freezer perfect will come out just the same!



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